Bronx Conexión Info continued . . .

The band’s strength and identity lie within its contemporary original compositions and arrangements by various members in the band.   

In 2016, the band released its debut CD, “True Flight” with great success. The band's 2nd CD release, "Mambo Boulevard" was released in April of 2021 with much support from all media outlets and is proving to be another successful recording.    

Band Members  
Flute: Jessica Valiente  
Trumpets: Anibal Martinez, Guido Gonzalez, Kathleen Doran, Jon Mark McGowan  
Saxes: Al Acosta, Jorge Castro, Joe Stelluti, Paul Carlon, Karl Watson  
Trombones: Rick Faulkner, Leonard Walworth, David Chamberlain, George Saenz  
Piano: Joe Mannozzi  
Bass: Michael Viñas  
Congas/tumbadoras: Wilson “Chembo” Corniel  
Bongos/percussion: Yasuyo Kimura  
Percussion: Cascadú  
Timbales/drumset/percussion: Victor Rendón